Featured Project: Movie Cloud

Our first featured project.

Movie Cloud is a new venture from Hollywood filmmaking guru Dov SS Simens.  Movie Cloud wants to turn the Hollywood insider studio system upside down by turning it inside out.  Film audiences and filmmakers will have a direct link to each other which will allow filmmakers the opportunity to make movies that audiences want to see.

By the way, check out Dov SS Simens’ 2 day film school and his book, “From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film.”

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2 thoughts on “Featured Project: Movie Cloud

  1. Concerned Investor says:

    Whilst Movie Cloud sounds good on paper I worry there is anything to backup some of the claims made by Mr Simens. I asked several questions on the Indiegogo page for the project only to be brushed off with over exuberant claims. I kept asking the questions without getting the answer I and others have been asking for. Mr Simens approach to any difficult questions is to delete the posts rather than answer them. It’s quite plain that Mr Simens is unable to answer the questions which is why he’s taken this unprofessional approach.

    Some of the questions asked were… is there a corporate website with more information on it? It is claimed that the solution has been in development for 4 years, is there a demo of key functionality available or screenshots? Some rather large numbers have been banded about such as 50,000 independent features produced per year, are there any hard facts to back this claim up? A movie banker fund of $175m is being set up, where is this coming from and how will it be administered?

    All reasonable questions I feel, which should be very easy to answer but Mr Simens either chooses not to or as is more likely the case, he is unable to answer them.

    Come on Mr Simens give ‘The People’ the answers to the questions they are asking.

    • I was able to find a link to a site that also uses the 50,000 films made each year statistic. http://www.themovingarts.com/50000-movies-are-made-every-year-is-that-too-many/

      Dov SS Simens’ Moviecloud.com offering is a traditional crowdfunding campaign. He is not offering equity in Moviecloud.com, he is offering perks.

      Your concerns about a corporate website and the movie bank fund will be answered in time. If the banker fund is only 100 million and the corporate website is just an about page on moviecloud.com I don’t think the independent film community will be too disappointed. I hate to say wait and see, but wait and see.

      For a small donation, helping MovieCloud get launched is well worth it. The perks are great, the concept behind MovieCloud is exciting, and Dov SS Simens has a proven track record of success.

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